Morning routines and silly beans

Happy Friday readers! I am FINALLY back on schedule with my posting and I wanted to share a lighter post this week about my morning routine (or lack thereof… it’s a work in progress.)

So since I got a puppy I have been needing to find time in my day to take Pippa out on walks. Short walks, long walks, and everything in between have become normal daily life for me. You see, I live in an apartment. Not a huge deal except I live on the 13th floor. With a puppy who needs to go out at a minimum of 3 times a day (it was A LOT more than that but as she’s 10 months now, she can go a wee bit longer between wees). So I’ve had to find a way to get myself into a bit of a routine. It’s fairly flexible because my work day changes so much every day, but here is the gist:

6-645: wake up call from Braden.
7-730: make coffee.
730-830: walk Pip around the neighbourhood with special time spent off leash being a maniac.

And then I work for most of the day, take Pip out after work and relax for the evening before I have to take her out AGAIN before bed.

REPEAT most days.

Now, I still have a lot that I want to add into my morning routine. Some time spent in meditation, some time spent in reflection (journaling anyone?) and some time spent with my spirituality are all on the list to incorporate. Thank the gods for that morning call so that I can actually be awake and function. Anyone who knows me knows that an alarm is usually seen as a suggestion by sleepy Sara. So there’s that.

BUT, I have come up with some tips for anyone who is trying to establish a morning routine. These are things that have really helped me embrace my new morning-person-ness. Kind of. (Hey I’m trying at least!!) So here it is. My tips for the unwilling morning person:

  1. HAVE SOMEONE WHO WILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. Have your best friend, partner, SOMEONE who loves early mornings (or in my case is a few time zones ahead of you) who can be your hype person for those early sunless mornings.
  2. Pick a time and stick with it. Don’t change your wake up time daily thinking that that you can ease into it and only have a morning routine on Mondays. Or that it doesn’t matter on the weekends. Trust and believe, you will thank yourself when this becomes a normal part of your day.
  3. Do the EXACT same thing EXACTLY the same way every morning. Do you pee before or after the coffee has been started? Or do you do yoga and then jazzercise? Do it the same every day and it will feel like second nature to just do that thing.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY give yourself a reward for getting up so early! Especially in the first bit, you deserve something special for getting up so early. At first for me it was a trip to starbucks once a week on Mondays while walking Pippa. It gave me a reason to get my feet on the ground and a brush through my hair.
  5. Ok ACTUALLY MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure you have a reason that you are getting up! Give yourself a clear intention that you are going to fulfill. A goal that you want to achieve, a feeling that you want to get, a dog you must walk. All of these are good reasons. Find what works for you and gives you a purpose to get that motor running.

All of these have seemed to be imperative in one way or another to get me moving in the mornings. Now those of you who are a natural morning person, first of all, know that I do not understand you, but also keep it movin. These tips are probably not for you. BUT for those of us who are natural night owls who have a reason to turn that frown updside down first thing in the morning, try these things and let me know in the comments below if any of them work for you. And please, for the love of god, if you have any tips on making these autumn-moving-into-winter mornings a little more joyful PASS THEM ON! Don’t hoard that shit inside. Spread the word. Make my life a bit easier. I BEG of you.

Love always


2 thoughts on “Morning routines and silly beans

  1. Hint about the coffee. Find a way to put it on a timer so it’s ready when you roll out of bed. Your bleary-eyes morning brain will thank you and waking up to the smell of coffee already made is pure bliss if you hate mornings. (And I know how much you hate mornings lol)


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