Sometimes we all need a little refresh. Some time to stop and say what the hell am I doing?

And sometimes we need a little push.

Welcome back friends, and for those of you who are just joining HELLO! We are starting fresh this week and really diving back into why I started writing to begin with. The last… year and a half?… has been truly crazy. So full of ups and downs that I’m not even sure where to start.

At the beginning you say? Alrighty then. A lot of things I will deep dive into later as I take some time to think about what has gone on but here is a synopsis:

  • Work has been insane. I’m considering quitting my job in favour of a full time graphic design gig instead.
  • PATRICK. Oh jeeze. What didn’t happen there… suffice to say we are not together any more.
  • Houdini passed 😿
  • I got a puppy!
  • I moved…. and then moved again… and might move… again?
  • My family is just as messy as ever (well at least some things don’t change, right?)

I know, lots to dive into. All in good time, I promise. Trust I’ll be processing it right alongside all of you. There’s a ton to unpack and its far too much for a single post.

But this brings me to why I’m writing. Why now? And more importantly WHAT now?

The long and short of it is I want to get back to basics. I considered doing this in podcast format, and there may yet be a podcast spinoff of the blog, but this feels like home. Writing feels like home. It’s my favourite way to express myself and I find it the easiest way to get all my thoughts out. But this is more than just a journal of my experiences navigating the tumultuous time of my thirties. As time goes on I want to have guest writers from all walks of life who specialize in wellness, health, spirituality, finance, and entrepreneurship. My goal is to have this grow into a community of humans mentoring each other and finding our way together so no one of us is left fumbling in the dark.

So yes, it will start, and remain, a place for me to work through the craziness that has and will continue to present itself to me as I walk this path, but I hope you get something out of it too. As far as why now, I find myself at a crossroads in life in basically all major points. Relationships, career, family, mental health, and community, to name a few. And its a precipice that I have found a lot of people in my generation come to in their thirties. So lets name it and move through it together.

Now this ride won’t be for everyone, so if this isn’t for you, that’s completely fine. You’ll find the right blog for you. But if it is, hit that follow button and catch the updates as they happen. I’m going to be releasing blogs once a week on Fridays for the time being, but will be expanding the number of posts per week as time goes on. Now if you’ve stuck around this long, why don’t you hit me up in the comments and let me know what appeals to you. What do you want to hear about first? Feel free to share a bit about your story and where you’re at.

Have a great week!


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