Oh Tarot My Tarot

I recently picked up a tarot card deck. Its been an interesting journey to start. I am still just learning about it but I was turned onto the concept through conversation with my best friend, as well as listening to my favourite podcast. As many of you will know I’ve been listening to the Almost 30 Podcast a lot lately, and it has inspired me to explore a lot of things both spiritually and as lifestyle changes.

So I’ve been reading the cards every day. Sometimes multiple times a day about different things. I haven’t had the courage to do a reading for anyone else yet. There are so many meanings for each of the cards. And I have so much more to learn.

All of this leans into the fact that I am trying really hard to work more intuitively within my life. Listening to what my body and soul are telling me. It’s easier said than done. Definitely easier said than done. But here we are and I’m trying my absolute best to flex that intuitive muscle.

And so I continue with the tarot cards. Slowly learning the meanings, both the standard and the inverted, hopefully getting to the point eventually where I don’t need the guidebook anymore except for with the rare cards. I keep having the 2 of swords come up in my readings, and I am trying to learn what that means in the broader sense. I understand the meaning of the card, but what does that mean for me. It is a card that is blinded by the unknown, and I know that I struggle with the unknown in my every day life. Maybe it has something to do with that. Either way, I’m discovering a lot about myself by reading my cards, and am recognizing that even at thirty, I still have a long way to go.

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