Whats The Point?

So lately I’ve been thinking about my purpose on this planet. And I think that’s something that a lot of people heading into their thirties think about and struggle with. I just wonder how far people are actually willing to deep dive into it.

So what is my purpose? Why am I here? It’s tricky. I feel like I’m here to help people and need to find a way to do that. But I also feel like I’m meant to be a mom in some way. Maybe the two things are combined? Is this my purpose?

But I really have more questions than I do answers at this point, and I’m fairly sure that this is part of a much larger conversation. I am trying to break it down and find the smaller portions of my purpose. I don’t believe that our purpose is any one thing, but rather a collection of a bunch of smaller things that all work together to make the greater picture. To break this down, I am going to continue to meditate and allow my intuition to lead me a little more than I have been. This will hopefully let my soul speak up and lead me down the right path in my life

Right now this is such a time of transition, and I definitely don’t think I have all the answers. In fact, I feel like I’m coming to this with more questions than I ever imagined I could have about life and the way I live. It’s such a strange place to be. Questioning everything is challenging and intense at times, but also, so far, very rewarding.

I need to challenge myself more though. I really want to take the time I have now (thanks COVID-19) and work out as often as I can, as well as take the time for me to figure all of this stuff out. It’s easy to ask the questions, but harder to find the answers.

Much love,

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