Keep Calm and COVID on

So let’s address the elephant in the room. There is a pandemic going on right now that is causing many of us to self isolate. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this now (or you like me! You really like me!). But anyways, while caution and following instructions are important, we really aren’t in the panic stage yet. Here’s what I mean:

People all over the country are stocking up at the moment (myself included to a lesser degree) but there are some who are going to great lengths to buy up a year’s supply in toilet paper. Fairly unnecessary and leaving those of us who actually need it without. I have 2 rolls left people, this is not a drill. So how am I spending my day tomorrow? Searching all over the city to try and find some toilet paper instead of staying safe in my apartment.

Next up: the employers who aren’t covering lost wages when they are shutting down unexpectedly. Here is something that really bothers me right now. I mean, if you’re a small business that’s one thing. I can understand a little more that you wouldn’t be able to handle the losses and cover the wages. But there are several larger companies (CoughFlamesOwnershipCough) who are instead insisting that they don’t need to cover the wages but will make a strong fuss about being supported by the community when the organization needs something. This is just wrong, and more people need to speak out about this. EI isn’t going to be able to cover everyone.

Much closer to home, a lot of theatre shows are cancelling or postponing. My own show had to make the difficult decision to postpone until the fall (hopefully) to do the responsible thing and not gather people unnecessarily. Its hitting hard. People are losing work, and not a small amount with all the corporate events being cancelled globally, there is a lot of technicians and designers who are going without work. Theatre companies are looking at huge losses. If there has ever been a time to support your local artists, here it is. But the theatre community is strong in its support of each other and I have seen people step up and offer assistance to those who may not have cushions to fall back on, the gathering of information for those who may need to apply to EI, and even just lending support and strength to the administrators who are having to make such difficult calls.

Amongst all of this craziness, I have seen some truly wonderful things happen as well. From housebound citizens in Italy singing with each other to keep up morale, to people within my own community offering to help the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems stock up on groceries and run errands to avoid public transportation. People are really stepping up, and that is what keeps me thinking that things are going to be alright.

So keep calm and healthy out there.

What has been your experience with COVID-19 so far? Are there any signs of wonderful humans in your life to share? Let me know in the comments! (And as always, click like and follow the blog to get the latest. It really helps me out!)

Much love

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