To be or not to be… A roommates tale.

Lets talk for a second about roommates. I have had some monumentally crap ones. Like I have sworn off roommates for life.

I always thought growing up that having a roommate would be this awesome experience where you bonded and had chats in the hallway and hung out all the time. No one prepared me for how hard it can be to live with another human being who isn’t related to you or interested in sleeping with you. And twenties me has had a heck of a run in the roommates department.

Like, I had this one roommate who went so far as to spike tape out exactly where she wanted her stuff to go because she was convinced I was moving her stuff around. And she never cleaned up after herself. Like ever. But when we got fruit flies, somehow it was my fault.

Or a male roommate I had one time that was on drugs most of the time and brought strange women back to our house and left chewing gum all over the house on the walls. (Seriously do I know how to pick them or what).

I’ve had some good roommates too, ones who we did bond a little, and have fun together sometimes. Like once we had the power go out when I was living with 2 other girls and we just sat in our doorways talking for hours by candle light. Such an amazing time. But being together with a group of girls is wayyy harder than getting along with a group of guys. Girls are catty and weird with each other. There is definitely a vibe when you live with multiple girls.

And what about common areas? In my experience there has never been an equal use of common areas kind of situation. Someone always seems to rule over it and the other person simply spends all their time in their room.

Single living for life baybee!

Have I just had a bad run of roommates? Should I ever find myself in a situation where I might need one should I give it a shot? Let me know!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “To be or not to be… A roommates tale.

  1. After college, I knew for sure no more roommates! Ever!

    Just like you mentioned, you think you’ll be able to have this bond and what not, but every person is different. You either love them or hate them. I roomed with three of my other friends in my last year of college and I wasn’t too keen on it. I liked that we were all together, but when you just wanted your space, that’s where I hated the idea.

    I would say consider the idea if you’re really crunching on rent, but live that solo life!

    Happy blogging 🙂


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