Veggin’ out

So I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time. Like 16 years long. But I’ve never really evaluated what that means to me, or rather how far into my product and health that stretches.

Now, I’m not a vegan, and I still use honey, eat cheese, and occasionally eat eggs. But I choose not to eat gelatin (because eww). But I’ve never really investigated the prescriptions I take, or the vitamins I take. I’ve always chosen cruelty-free, and it’s something that is important to me, but how far do I take it? Do I refuse prescriptions because they have something animal based in them? Do I not take supplements for the same reason?

Now that I’m evaluating all of these things and really looking into better skin care and health strategies (see my earlier post in search of supplements) I kind of have to start thinking about where my morals lie. I still feel like cruelty free is important, but how do I work on getting extra collagen? And do I cut out capsules that are made with gelatin? I feel that prescriptions are an exception that I need to make from this as some things I just don’t have a say in. But what about the other stuff?

Twenties me would have been pretty staunch on not needing this stuff anyways and just neglected my health because of it, but I really want thirties me to give a crap about what my skin looks like, and what my health is doing. I’m definitely tired of being tired all the time.

Have some recommendations for vegan or vegetarian supplements or resources for me to start looking? Any answers to my many questions? Hit me up in the comments and let me know! And don’t forget to like and follow my blog to get the latest!

Much Love,

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