Werk it

This week is a week of health. Making healthy choices and putting to bed some baaaad excuses.

Now, I’m not afraid of hard work. I’ve worked hard at things for my whole life, but somehow I’ve never really put that same effort into making myself better. Instead of looking at it as something that is for self improvement I’ve always put so much effort into the people around me. It’s a rabbit hole that is easy to get lost in. In my early 20s I kind of viewed it as selfish to put that much energy into myself. Not just with my weight but dressing in nice clothes, finding creative outlets, or even just spending money on something for myself.

Lately, however, I’ve been learning that its equally important to put effort into myself as it is in the people I choose to surround myself with. I wouldn’t question taking half an hour to spend time with my cats, so why not spend an hour relaxing in a bath with a book? It’s not a perfect process, there are still times when I struggle to feel worthy of spending the extra time to take care of me. And that’s ok. But I need to learn to step into my light a little more (I’m a lighting designer after all!)

That’s my goal of the week. Spend some time on me and really be ok with it. Specifically making some healthy ass choices that are going to become a part of my routine going forward. Tomorrow I start my new work out routine by taking a bad ass infrared yoga class with some folks from the office, then Thursday and Sunday taking a bomb spin class with one of my favourite instructors. Now Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m sure that this week will be a struggle as will the weeks to come, but hey. Whats a little hard work right?

On top of my exercise health, I’m starting to pay more attention to what I eat. I have some terrible eating habits, and as a vegetarian I really should be doing better. I’ve been anemic for a long time and really should take more care of that. So this week I start doing better there too. I’ve been inspired to start investigating different things like juicing and different supplements that can be used to just generally promote my health (and the nicer hair, nails and skin thing is just a great bonus).

I’m learning that being almost 30 is a blessing in disguise. So much is changing but I’m really digging this introspection that I’ve been experiencing has started to change nearly every aspect of my life. It’s so tumultuous but I’ve decided I’m going to really embrace this time in my life.

Know any amazing Canadian brands I should look out for in my search for a better me? Have some questions about how these epiphanies keep on rolling? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. I’ll always answer! And don’t forget to follow my blog to get the latest updates (and find out how my work out week goes!)

Much love, Sara

2 thoughts on “Werk it

  1. I did not know that infrared yoga is a thing, and now I’m solidly intrigued.

    Also yay doing things for yourself!


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